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To get good results from social media, you have to understand your audience: who are they, what are they looking for, and why?

Thankfully, we are constantly reviewing the latest scientific and social research, which informs both our social media management work and our social media training. One of our trainers also published a leading book on social media audiences in 2017.

Based on both these insights and our years of training and teaching experience, we provide social media training for groups of up to 20 at a time. Our training usually contains a number of different elements.

Practical Techniques

Obviously, we'll teach you the skills and tools you need to have command over the various platforms that comprise "social media" as a whole. We'll show you how to compose text, prepare images, schedule and automate content and assess metrics, amongst many other skills.

Understand what social media can give your organisation

Social media is not a magic solution, and using it takes time and concerted effort. Our social media training is always delivered in the context of what your institutional aims and objectives are, the timescales for those plans, and what tools and techniques are most applicable. We are happy to accommodate specific needs and requests, but otherwise we will aim to develop a tailored plan for training in your organisation, ahead of time.

Build your own strategy

Training that is solely based on technical and practical instruction will only ever be as useful and relevant as the tools on which it relies. And tools are constantly changing. Truly effective training means fostering independent strategic thinking and decision making, so that those who receive it can continue to be adaptable in a changing organisational context. Adaptability is a part of what we'll teach you.