VSC Media is a digital services practice operated by media, technology and communications professionals from across a broad spectrum of expertise.

Digital Services are professional services like consulting, strategy, audit, training, events, identity management, procurement, and even forensics, but specialised for the world of digital media and communications technologies.

Operated on a collective basis, VSC pulls skill and experience from sources as broad as newsrooms, higher education, government, NGOs and the commercial private sector.

The professional services we offer cover three broad areas:


Let our expertise help you to mitigate the risks posed by the complexities of the digital world.

Consulting services


Ensure that you and your team are well prepared for the minefield that is digital communications in 2018.

Our training types


Beyond our advisory and training services, we can do some of the actual work for you.

Advanced digital services

Some of the people we've worked for recently

What do a world-renowned university, an equally well respected global IP law firm, the world's most influential social science advocacy organisation, a fast-growing virtual reality startup, and a major Swedish artist duo have in common?

They've all hired us recently.