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As the late Apple founder co-founder Steve Jobs said at one time, this is a very noisy world, and you don't get much opportunity to tell people what you represent.

From academic research to local government to museums, charities and think tanks, it is often essential to make sure the public, or specific sections of the public, know what you are doing, and understand it properly.

But beyond marketing, how do you make sure the world knows about, and understands, what you do? The answer, in two words, is public engagement. Read more about public engagement.

Scroll down to see a variety of ways public engagement can help you. Any questions, requests for proposals, or requests for quotations can be sent by email to our public engagement team at

Effective public engagement consulting

The old cliché of a tree falling in the woods not making a sound because nobody is there to hear it may be daft, but public engagement can be the lifeblood that makes or breaks the success of a project.

Our consulting in this area focuses on working with clients to identify key target audiences, messages and timelines. We then put together a strategy to bring the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Master the attention economy

Even the very concept of the "attention economy" is controversial. Can human attention really be bought and sold in the same way as gold futures, iron ore, or boxes of bananas?

Regardless of where you stand on the concept itself, it is hard to create value in digital media without understanding the complex patterns of human attention (and distraction) that determine so much of the media ecosystem.

Our advisory services and research will provide you with the insights you need to invest in the right communications and business development strategies.

Give your research measurable impact

One of the greatest challenges for academic research is impact. Whether meteorology, sociology, macroeconomics, or any other field, how can research that is often publicly-funded and which has real implications for how the public understands issues be made available, and interesting, to the public?

This question is one that our advisory and consulting can help universities, think tanks, and NGOs to answer. 

Crowdsourcing & crowdfunding

With the development of the user-driven internet in the early 2000s, user-generated content, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding became central parts of how digital media are used.

But there can be no crowdsourcing or crowdfunding without a crowd. Fortunately, we know how and when crowds form, and how to draw them and increase them. Our public engagement consulting can advise you on the challenges of any crowdsourced, crowdfunded or user-generated content driven campaigns.