Making sense of the digital world

Consulting and risk advisory that helps you navigate the digital landscape.

Fake news

In an age where people can believe whatever they want to, what steps can you take to ensure your message retains its credibility?

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Effective engagement

What are the best strategies for cutting through the noise and being heard?

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How can we capture ideas on a large scale and transform them into coherent outputs? What are the implications of crowsourcing for enabling disruptive innovation?

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The attention economy

How is it that cats can get more attention online than meaningful democratic issues, and how can we get this attention for you instead?

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Digital regulation

Should digital communications be regulated, and if so, how can this be effected? Complications like Brexit only exacerbate the challenge of effective regulation

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Online extremism

Can the vast array of digital tools at our disposal can also be used by those who would cause harm against the public, or against your organisation?

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Election intervention

How can we keep our democratic processes secure from interference, both foreign and domestic?

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Data protection

The more data we store, the more of a liability it is, and the more protection it needs. How can we ensure real privacy while more and more data is accumulated?

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The modern digital city

What do digital technologies mean for the 21st-century cityscape? How can technology be put to work for the world's city dwellers?

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Public engagement

How do you make sure the public know about you? How do you make sure they understand complex issues or important research? This is where public engagement is key.

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Digital society

From fake news to smartphone addiction to misogynist trolls, digital communications have begome a minefield. VSC contiually researches these issues and can help you navigate them.

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