Social media presence management

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With over a decade's worth of social media experience, we offer a range of services in relation to institutional social media presence.

For organisations that are not getting the right results from social media, or that have concerns about the existing content and engagement of their social media presence, it can be necessary to have those social media accounts audited and analysed.

Content, followers and comments audit

Social media account audit entails a review of all existing content to ensure it conforms with, and adequately expresses, institutional values.

By contrast, analysis looks at content and tone of social media accounts more holistically and determines how each might be adjusted in future to produce better results.

Social media management

Social media management is something that lots of people think they can do, but proper management of social media presence requires patience, technique, and considerable time investment. Posts need to be prepared (possibly including research or content creation), scheduled, and then followed through - all carefully taking into account audience, context and impact.