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Broader digital services work like we do often requires the creation of content, particularly with regard to public engagement and our other advisory services.

In these cases, our clients have two choices: either engage a freestanding content creation business, such as a video production company or photographic agency, which can be a significant additional expense, or let us deliver your content using our experienced and highly talented in-house capacity for video production, graphic design, photography and copyrighting.

Beyond this capability, we also have an extended network of illustrators, animators, journalists, app designers and engineers, and virtual reality developers that we can rely on when their services are necessary.

Our approach is that no content should be created without a clear strategy behind it: what does it say, who is it aimed at, and how will it be consumed? Once we have a clear agreement with you on how best to use the resources you give us and those at our disposal, we can get creative.