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Most cyberattacks are carried out with financial gain in mind: extortion, illicit advertising, or malware that enables further attacks to be carried out in future, also with financial rewards.

Sadly, virtually all of the highest profile hacks and cyber attacks in recent years could have been prevented or greatly mitigated compared to what happened. Like any criminals, cyber attackers will chose the weakest targets first - those using no encryption, outdated software, inadequate hashing, or weak passwords like 'password'

If you're worried you might be the target of a cyberattack in future, we will undertake a full procedural and technical audit of the security of your websites, servers, and authentication, helping you to choose the hardware, software and procedures that will give you the best chances of keeping your digital properties secure.

If you've been hacked, our cybersecurity management can help you investigate, clean up, secure your servers, communicate honestly with those affected, and most importantly, make the changes to ensure it never happens again.